For breakfast, homemade cakes and products from farms in our countryside.

Our goal is to enhance the Marche region and its resources, which is why we have chosen to serve, every morning, a rich breakfast made of genuine ingredients: homemade donut, tart and jams, milk and yogurt from our farms. We recommend that breakfast should not be neglected. It gives energy and nourishment after overnight fasting and helps performance in all morning activities. This meal, breakfast, to be the first meal of the day, is always the most appetizing, and therefore it is not necessary to eat a lot, but to eat well yes and with products of the day.

ITALIAN BREAKFAST. During your stay at Maison i Colori del Mare you will have a varied breakfast, especially since on vacation you have more time to devote to the first meal of the day. Our breakfast is prepared under the banner of authenticity and simplicity, according to our traditions. Every day different and never obvious. Always a pleasant surprise, with homemade and imperfect cakes, everything fresh from the day and strictly “homemade.”


07:00/ 10:00

Breakfast served in a specially equipped common area

Relaxing, reserved and intimate environment

Rich sweet and savory gourmet buffet

Served in the dining room from 07:00 to 10:00